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24-Hour Impound Services

Always Towing & Recovery helps property owners keep their vehicles clear of illegally parked or unwanted vehicles. Some of the possible violations that can warrant an impound include:

  • Abandonment
  • Law Violation
  • Private Parking Lot Policy Violation
  • Law Enforcement Request
  • Fire Lane Violation
  • Handicapped Parking Violation
  • Parked in an Unauthorized Manner

Do you believe Always Towing & Recovery Inc. may have impounded your vehicle? You can give us a call at (414) 933-7666 or use our vehicle search tool to verify that we are in possession of your car or truck.

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Vehicle Retrieval Steps

  • Have Your Vehicle Information Ready Before You Call
  • Make sure you know the year, make, model, and license plate number or VIN of your vehicle. In addition, please inform us of the location where you believe your vehicle was towed from. This is for security reasons.
  • Call Always Towing & Recovery to Verify the Following
  • That we have your vehicle.
    That there is no law enforcement holds on your vehicle to be released before you can access it.
    What time you can come to pick up your vehicle, if applicable.
    The amount owed to release the vehicle.
  • Provide Proof of Ownership
  • For your vehicle to be released, you must provide the following information:
  • Valid owner’s photo ID (this can include a valid driver’s license, government-issued photo ID card, passport, military ID, etc)
  • One of the Following Proof of Ownership Documents:
    • Current Vehicle Registration
    • Vehicle Title
  • The information on the documents must match the vehicle documents and photo ID.
    If the vehicle registration is in the vehicle, you will be escorted to the vehicle to retrieve it and present it as proof of vehicle ownership. A notarized authorization letter will be required if you are picking up an impounded vehicle where you are not the registered owner but you are the registered owner’s authorized agent.
  • Payment
  • All fees must be paid in full prior to the release of your vehicle.
  • Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit card and debit card.
  • We do not release vehicles outside business hours
  • We do not need exact change and if paying by credit card it must match the registered owner. Meaning another person cannot pay by credit card for someone else’s car
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Removing Personal Property from Your Vehicle

  • Proof of ownership is required prior to the vehicle visit and/or removal of personal property from the vehicle. Do not come to visit or remove items from a vehicle if you cannot provide valid proof of ownership.
  • A lot visitation form must be signed at the office before you can visit the vehicle.
  • All lot visits require an escort by an Always Towing & Recovery worker. Vehicle owners may not enter the yard without an escort.
  • An inventory of any items removed from the vehicle will be made on the lot visitation form.
  • Personal property may not be removed from vehicles with a law enforcement hold without first obtaining a release from the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  • Personal property does not include any item attached to the vehicle, such as tires, rims, spares, stereos, racks, etc.
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Releasing Vehicles to Insurance Carriers and Body Shops

For your own protection, you must provide authorization before Always Towing & Recovery can release any vehicle to insurance carriers or body shops. After proof of ownership and release authorization has been received by our office, your insurance carrier or body shop may arrange to have your vehicle removed from the impound yard. Call Always Towing & Recovery today to learn more!

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