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Our secure vehicle storage lot guarantees round-the-clock surveillance of impounded vehicles by CCTV systems and on-site personnel. All vehicles are ticketed and/or removed immediately at the vehicle owner’s expense when unauthorized vehicles are parked on your property.

Our logistics software provides pictures of every vehicle towed. We keep you up to date with notifications, all phone calls are all recorded, and our trucks have GPS and cameras inside and out. We'll remove the vehicle for free and keep your property clear of unwanted vehicles.

Our Mission

Always Towing & Recovery Inc. is the largest private property impound towing company in southeastern Wisconsin. As leaders of the private property impound towing industry since 1999, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to provide comprehensive towing and impound services. For the impound service you deserve, call Always Towing & Recovery today!

Office Location

3700 West Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Impound/Vehicle Recovery:
Monday - Friday
9am - 4:30pm
(Closed For Lunch Weekdays 12pm-1pm)
Saturday - Sunday
8am - 12pm

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